About Our Society




We meet at 7:00 pm on the first Wednesday of every month at:

The Sepulveda Garden Center

16633 Magnolia Boulevard

Encino, CA 91436


From the east Take the 101 (Ventura Fwy) heading west, and exit at Hayvenhurst Avenue.  Turn left on to Hayvenhurst, and immediately get into the right lane.  Turn right on Magnolia Blvd.   Our parking lot is on the right hand side of the street.   Park your car and walk west through the garden plots to the main building.

From the west:  Take the 101 (Ventura Fwy) heading east, and exit at Balboa Blvd.  Turn right on to Balboa.  Continue southbound for 1/2 mile, and get into the left lane.  Turn left on Magnolia Blvd.  Proceed about 1/2 mile to the Sepulveda Garden Center.  The parking lot will be on your left side.  Turn left into the parking lot.  Park and then walk west along the sidewalk, thr0ugh the garden plots to the main building.

MEETING TIMES:  The doors open at 6:45 pm for refreshments and socializing.  Our meetings start at 7:15pm.  The meetings generally last about two hours.   Restrooms are available.

PROGRAM:  Each month we have an informative program presented by a guest speaker on some facet of the Orchid world.  Our speakers are Orchid Experts that give us valuable tips and tricks.  It’s always interesting and informative.

CULTURE SESSIONS: Culture sessions often precede the monthly meetings, offering an opportunity for hands on instruction on the practical aspects of orchid culture.

MEMBER’S PLANT FORUM: Our members are encouraged to exhibit their blooming plants.  Outstanding plants are selected for ribbon awards. Each member who brings plants will receive one ticket for the P.O.T. Raffle.   A complete set of rules for ribbon judging is available at the meetings.

P.O.T. (Plant Opportunity Table): Plants are generally provided by our guest speakers and by our membership.  This is truly a great opportunity to increase your orchid collection at little cost and an opportunity to support the Society.  One ticket is given to each member who wears their name badge for the first drawing and one ticket is given to each member who brings plants to display at the Member’s Plant Forum for the second drawing.  Proceeds from the P.O.T. help defray our costs for speakers and programs.

We are one of the oldest Orchid Clubs around and have been meeting since the 1960’s.    Our meetings have moved around over the years, and we used to meet at the Northridge Women’s Club.   Now our Orchid Club meets at the Sepulveda Garden Center in Encino.   Our club meets on the First Wednesday of the Month at 6:45 pm.

 The SFVOS serves the following communities within the San Fernando Valley:

Unincorporated communities

Bell Canyon
Calabasas Highlands
Kagel Canyon
Universal City
West Chatsworth

Communities of the San Fernando Valley



APRIL:    Our annual Fundraiser which can be an Orchid Auction or a Sale.


DECEMBER:  Our Annual Holiday Potluck Party.


During the year the Society Members participate in a numbers of other activities such as Orchid Shows, Greenhouse tours, picnics, etc.


Our beautiful full-color monthly SFVOS Newsletters keeps members informed on both upcoming meetings and other Society events.  We also publish news and information about all the happenings in the Orchid world.   Each month there are tips and tricks and other helpful information on caring for your orchids.  Newsletter is available via email, and by snail mail.  The Newsletter is included with your annual membership dues ($35.00/yr for individuals or $45.00 for a couple).  There are 12 issues each year.


In  alphabetical order, rotating throughout the year, Members are asked to bring refreshments to the monthly meetings.   Members may also bring refreshments at any time, even when it’s not their turn.



2 comments on “About Our Society

  1. Dear SFVOS Folks — Is your next meeting Wed., March 2 at 7 pm? Also, may I bring one of my Phals to a meeting for advice on why my 8 plants do not re-bloom reliably? I have placed them on a humidity tray, mist them twice daily, and fertilize weekly or bi-weekly, depending on moisture in the puts. Also, they are between two windows and under a grow-light, so they receive indirect sunlight and 500-800 foot candles of artificial light 9-12 hours daily, depending upon the season. The leaves are not the light/yellow green that I know is best, so I have recently lowered the grow-light so they now have 1000-1500 foot candles of light daily.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this!


    Marilyn Judson

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