An Overview Of The Genus Paphiopedilum by Douglas Overstreet – Presented via Zoom only due to use of the building by the L.A. County Election Board

An Overview Of The Genus Paphiopedilum presents one of the most popular and sought after genus of orchids. It includes the history of the genus in cultivation, an introduction to the sections of the group and the most important species in each section. Examples of hybrids are shown and discussed. Cultural notes are provided for each section.  The presentation provides a solid introduction to the new hobbyist and some important reminders for more experienced growers.

DOUGLAS OVERSTREET has grown orchids continually since he was 10 years old.  He comes by his interest in plants and animals naturally.  His family have been American farmers since 1684.  The first orchid he purchased in 1972 was Cattleya Trimos, a primary hybrid between C. trianaei and C. mossiae.  The first orchid he flowered was a phalaenopsis hybrid.

Doug moved to California in 1975 and continued his love affair with orchids.  In 1984, his collection began to grow by leaps and bounds with his first professional job.  He also became a very active participant in the local orchid community.  He began to work with orchids professionally in 2000 as a private consultant.  Gradually, this became his full-time occupation. He has managed private collections for leading hobbyists in Southern California for the last 15 years. He is an Accredited American Orchid Society Judge in the Pacific South Region.  An accomplished writer and educator, Doug has written articles for many different publications including Orchid Digest and has served on the Editorial Committee of that publication as Assistant Editor.  He has spoken for orchid societies and other groups nationwide.  Prior to joining the Huntington full time as a horticulturist, he was a frequent guest lecturer for the Huntington.  Currently, he is the orchid specialist in charge of the Thornton Conservatory and the Ernest Hetherington Memorial Cattleya Collection.

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